About me

Having counselling or therapy means your therapist gets to know you very well. So it is only fair, that you get to know your therapist a little too!

I am Austrian by birth and have lived in Britain for 25 years. Did I follow Sigmund Freud’s footsteps, my fellow Austrian psycho analyst? No, rather the footsteps of my own therapist.

As childhoods go, some people have better ones than others. I was not one of the lucky ones however and this left me with a number of debilitating issues – anger, fear, depression, to name just a few. Whilst some positive resources within me enabled me to utilise my anger to excel in my studies, the down side compelled me to recognise that I was not the world’s most pleasant person and, indeed, that I was quite self-destructive.

At the age of 18, I sought therapy. I was lucky to find the most wonderful therapist who showed me how to overcome my obstacles, become myself, embrace life to the full and be carefree and happy. People often imagine therapy to be a painful and difficult process. With my therapist this was never the case. It was a wonderful self-exploration, full of insights, lots of laughter and, yes, sometimes a little sadness, but never overwhelming. The further I went through my own journey, the more I wanted to understand, how this process worked. I felt better and happier with every session that passed, indeed with every day that passed, yet I could not pinpoint what exactly my therapist said or did that made me heal so beautifully.

 Dr Petra Dance

The changes that had been created in me compelled me to study Psychology to find out how it all worked and how it all came about. Half way through my studies I realised this was not just about the pursuit of knowledge. It was what I wanted to do with my life! I have myself experienced so many of the issues why people seek therapy, would that not place me in an ideal position to understand and help others? Over the years I added Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and many different course modules to my therapist studies. Being a therapist was never a career move for me. It is my life passion. Helping others to achieve their full potential, to free themselves of the impact of trauma, depression, life limiting behaviour, fear, anger, shame, guilt or whatever issues there are. I believe I have the most wonderful job in the world.

The moment a client comes through my door, irrespective of the depth or complexity of their issues, I know that it will just be a matter of time before a truly happy person will emerge. I have been in private practice now for almost 20 years and love every new day of my working and private life as much as I loved yesterday. I can now even embrace my past as this helped to make me who I am today. The practice is set in a very calm environment, fully gated to afford you maximum privacy.

I also have dogs which are my other passion in life, very much to the regret of my husband who complains that there cannot possibly be enough passion left for him! Little does he know ….! One of my two little dogs is also my little “Therapy helper”. She is allowed to attend therapy sessions with those who enjoy the company of a dog. The most powerful tool my little dog can offer you is her absolute confidentiality.