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How Long Does A Session Last And How Many Will I Need?

Single sessions usually last 50 minutes and double sessions 2 hours.

It is often best to start with double sessions to allow enough time to get to the core of an issue, rather than having to stop at an inappropriate moment.

Later on, as and when it is possible and desirable, the move to single sessions can be made.

Experience has shown that it is much better to have at first a higher frequency of weekly intervals, which can later be relaxed to fortnightly sessions.

Group Therapy sessions last 2 hours and are held once a week for a 12 weeks course.

Intensive Therapy is either one week of 4-5 hour sessions per day or 3 consecutive weekends of 4-5 hour sessions per day.


What should I do next?

Having learnt a little about therapy – what it is and how it will help you – you may be interested to find out more for your own needs.


Initial Consultation – free of charge

The initial consultation will give you a chance to ask any additional questions you may have and for your case history to be taken. By the end of this first session you will get a general indication of how much improvement can be expected and how many sessions may be needed.

If after this initial consultation you feel that you have confidence in both the treatment and the therapist your treatment can begin.



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